‘Years from Now’, Out Now

I’m excited to announce the release of ‘Years from Now’, a collaborative album with dear friend Phil Gardelis (Zenjungle). We had talked about recording it for quite some time, and after a small push by friend Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip) and then with the start of the pandemic, the time seemed right.

Many of the recordings began from old, abandoned tracks we had kept on our computers. We scoured our hard drives, looking for things that caught our ear but were missing something, and then sent it to the other person to see what they could do with it. It was very similar to the process we took on 2014’s ‘A Changing Light’, which this album is a follow-up to. There has always been something that felt so easy working with Phil: the ideas and music just flow, regardless of where or when that idea began.

Eventually we ended up with what is on the album: A document of a few months, that feels like it’s been in the works for years.

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