On Pause (Out on October 13, 2017, LP/Digital, Trouble in Utopia)
Repetitions (2015, Cassette/Digital, Bow Bottom Records)
Shifts (2013, Cassette/Digital, Unit Structure Sound Recordings)


Healer (2016, Cassette/Digital, Bow Bottom Records)
La Tourette (2014, Digital, Self-released)
Structure (2013, Digital, Self-released)
A Day as a Blade of Grass (2013, CDr/Digital, Inner Ocean Records)
Assortments (2013, Digital, Self-released)
Land (2012, Digital, Self-released)
Storm/Cave (2012, Digital, Self-released)
Record of 37 (2012, Digital, Self-released)
Narratives (2011, Cassette/Digital, Self-released)
The City (2010, CDr/Digital, Self-released)


A Changing Light (with Zengungle, 2014, CDr/Digital, Flaming Pines)
Digital Architecture (with Lcoma, 2013, Digital, Petroglyph Music)
Music on Hold (with MHVA, 2012, Cassette/Digital, Black Hymn Records)
Split (with Wolf Maps, 2012, CDr/Digital, Self-released)


Canada Experimental Underground 016 Survey (2016, Digital, Unexplained Sounds Group)
Sounds from the Workshop (Live Sessions from CJSW 90.9) (2014, CD/Digital, CJSW)
Futures Vol. 1 (2014, Digital, Inner Ocean Records)
Against the Silence Vol II (with MHVA, 2013, Digital, Against the Silence)
Hymns: Volume One (2012, Digital, Black Hymn Records)
SEQUENCE3 (with Wolf Maps, 2012, Digital, Future Sequence)


Jameson Hodge & Waller – Beyond (off of Form, 2017, Digital, Insight Music)
Fontaine – Grails (off of Impossible Walls, 2014, Digital, Inner Ocean Records)