My approach to mixing is generally to create a mix that feels full and engulfing, while accentuating the interesting textures and tones within. I lean towards a more analog and organic tone and feel to my mixes, as opposed to a more digital and clinical approach, even when the source material is digital in nature. If you would like me to mix your project, big or small, feel free to get in touch and we can discuss it further. I also offer a free one track demo mix, if you’re wanting to hear what I might do with your recordings before proceeding with a full project.

For more information, questions and project quotes, please contact me at


My approach to mastering is to treat each project as individual. Especially when working with non-traditional forms of music (ambient, experimental, folk, etc.), music can vary greatly from track to track, let alone from album to album. I try to customize my approach to each project, so that I can approach each song individually, while still taking into the consideration the work as a whole.

Mastering Rates (Updated May 2023):

$35 per track 5 minutes and under in length
$7 for each additional minute
All additional work charged at $35/hour (DDP creation, preparing masters for vinyl, etc.)
Minimum $75 per project

For more information, questions and project quotes, please contact me at


“Kris has mastered several of my albums, and besides doing a fantastic job sonically speaking, they are also great to work with on a personal level. They take the time to communicate clearly, to explain aspects of the process that I’m feeling uncertain about, and to problem-solve. I really value Kris’ attention to detail, as well as their love for and open-mindedness towards music and sound. My work falls into its own left-field category, and doesn’t really conform to the conventions of a specific genre, so it’s a real pleasure to work with someone who appreciates this and can roll with it. Very highly recommended!”
– Clara Engel

“I have known Kris for several years now and one thing I can say for certain is that there are few people out there that listen to music and sound as critically as him. This incredible attention to the fine details shows in his own compositions and translates over to his mastering work. Would whole-heartedly recommend Kris for anyone who wants their music mastered by someone who is going to really listen and put their best into making your songs really shine.”
– Inner Ocean Records

“I got to know Kris through his personal music project Valiska and awesome ‘Katharsis, Processed’ show on CJSW radio. Didn’t take me too long to realize that I totally love his taste and approach to sound, so I was really happy to have discovered he’s offering mastering services too. On my request, aside from brilliant mastering, he also did the tape transfers with addition of some tape effects, which made my album sound perfectly warm and the output totally met my expectations. So, I recommend you this guy, because of his careful attitude, smooth communication process and fast turnaround time, and of course, his ability to make your album sound as it should sound!”
– Endless Melancholy

Some releases that I’ve mastered:
Clara Engel – Undergrowth
Clara Engel – Their Invisible Hands
respectfulchild – In The Shadow Of The Pines (original soundtrack)
Clara Engel – The Cicada Session
Prince Shima – P.S. I LOVE YOU…

Endless Melancholy – Fragments of Scattered Whispers (Dronarivm)

Charlie Dreaming – Sleep Tones (drift)

Charlie Dreaming – Healing Dreams (drift)

An Ant and An Atom – Entropy

Wolf Maps – Sun Ghosts (Futuresequence)

Wolf Maps – Purity (Futuresequence)

Wolf Maps – Endless

Various Artists – Futures Vol. 1 (Inner Ocean Records)

Yankee Yankee – Segments (Unit Structure Sound Recordings)

Wolf Maps – Candle (Flicker)

MHVA – Scend

Wolf Maps – Landforms (Futuresequence)