09/21  Saskatoon, Paved Arts, as Reid/Sujata
09/20  Regina, T+A Vinyl and Fashion, as Reid/Sujata
06/07  Calgary, Tubby Dog, as Reid/Sujata /w Parisian Orgy and Prince Shima
03/20  Calgary, Stride Gallery, Duo with Laura Reid


11/15  Calgary, Village Brewery /w The Kensington Sinfonia (Quartet)
06/21  Calgary, Sled Island /w Jung People, respectfulchild & An Ant and An Atom, Trigger Warming and Jack Sinclaire
05/20  Victoria, PGNB /w Kara-Lis Coverdale and Alder & Ash


11/11  Helsinki, FI, Akusmata
11/09  Brighton, UK, Ceremonial Laptop /w with Smoking Room and Grow Fins
11/05  London, UK, Rye Wax, New Atlantis
11/04  Birmingham, UK, Centrala
11/03  Lincoln, UK, Weird Garden
10/30  London, UK, St. Pancras Old Church /w Andrea Belfi
10/27  Krakow, PL, Hevra /w Minoo and Grzegorz Bojanek
10/24  Częstochowa, PL, Cafe Belg /w Minoo and Grzegorz Bojanek
10/22  Poraj, Pl, The Cultural Centre /w Gregorz Bojanek
10/20  Durbe, LV, Zemlika Festival /w Horse Lords and Kim Myhr
10/13  Calgary, McHugh House /w Redress and Jiajia Li
06/23  Calgary, Sled Island /w MONO and Pyramid//Indigo


11/12  Regina, The Drone Factory /w An Ant and an Atom and Pulsewidth
11/09  Winnipeg, CFRUC /w An Ant and an Atom, FreakingSnap and Keith Price
11/08  Saskatoon, SASC /w An Ant and an Atom, Form and Zachary Knuttila
11/07  Lethbridge, Blueprint Records /w An Ant and an Atom and Cosmo Duff
11/06  Edmonton, Sewing Machine Factory /w Bokma/Rafiq Duo and Larch Park
11/04  Calgary, Tubby Dog /w Corinthian, Heavy Mountain, Laura Reid, AAAAA
10/21  Moncton, House show /w Most Guest, Best Hose
10/18  Halifax, CKDU /w Moss Harvest and Blood/Flesh
10/14  Montreal / Le Réacteur /w Alder & Ash and Michael Halls
10/13  Hamilton, Door Pub /w Lero and Love Serum
10/11  Toronto, Handlebar /w North Atlantic Drift
06/25  Calgary, Sled Island /w Bitter Fictions, Yankee Yankee and AAAAA
05/15  Lethbridge, Electric Eye Music Festival
05/05  Calgary, Good Luck Bar /w Sarah Davachi and SH-2000
04/21  Calgary, Buttermilk Pancakes /w Drako, LIONZ, Pearl’s Emerald and D1ma