A few updates

A few updates as to what’s been happening in the last little while.

First off, my latest album ‘Numbers’ was released in June via Trouble in Utopia. It revolves around numbers stations, which are encoded shortwave radio broadcasts that are still in use to this day. I’ve always been intrigued by these alluring  recordings, so I was really happy when an opportunity to use these recordings as part of a musical project finally presented itself. I hope you enjoy the music and the mysterious recordings that it’s created around.

Secondly, I’m very happy to announce that a 10″ split with Birds and Rectangle will be coming out on via the THESIS Project on September 20. Pre-orders are now up. My contribution was an 11-minute long piece called ‘At Half Speed’. The release also comes with poetry by Rebecca Stoddard written specifically for the music on the release. It’s a really exciting project, so do check it out.

Lastly I want to briefly mention that I’ve been working on a new project with friend and collaborator Laura Reid. Laura is an incredible violinist and it’s been a real treat to work with her in the studio. I’m very excited about how the process has been coming along, and am looking forward to sharing the results with you. More info to come in the weeks/months ahead.

Take care!

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